Marysvale is located right in the middle of the Paiute Trail System

It is a beautiful trail with over 2,200 miles of trails to ride.  This system is scenic with lots of wild life and the most beautiful scenery you will ever see.

The speed limit in our towns that surround the Paiute Trail is 15 mph, when you are riding in and around the small towns that surround our trail system.  Our small towns are gracious enough to let you ride into their towns, so you can get fuel and go to our stores and restaurants.  Please......... remember that people live in these towns.  SXS's & ATV's speed and noise bring complaints!  The residents of these towns would appreciate your going slow by their stores, restaurants, ranches and homes and not making a lot of noise.  Without these towns and counties support behind the Paiute Trail System, you would not be allowed to ride into their towns.  Our economy and much of our livelihood is due to you and our Paiute Trail System.  On the other hand, "irresponsible riders" can bring problems to a small town. We want to be able to offer you the "Paiute Trail" experience for many years to come and have the ride and experience of your lifetime!

When you are on the trail system, please be courteous and do not race up and down the trails and around the corners, as you can not see what is around the corners or if someone is coming around on the wrong side of the road.  We don't want anyone to get hurt.  It is  a scenic trail system, not a racing trail, so please go slow and enjoy our beautiful scenery and wild life.  Please remember to "STAY ON THE TRAILS and do not remove any 50" gates the Forest Service have installed"!  We don't want our trail system shut down because a few people think the rules don't apply to them.

When you pass other people on the trail and have friends behind you, let the people you are passing know how many SXS's or ATV's are still coming behind you with hand signals.  Use your hands and fingers by putting up 1 or 4 or 7 so they know how many people they need to still let pass in case you are on a narrow road or trail.  If no one is behind you, just make a fist which means 0 people behind you.

Please remember to pick up all of your trash off the trail.  If you drop something or when you stop to have your lunch, please pick up your trash and take out whatever you bring in.  If you need trash bags to take on the trail, the South Forty RV Park will be glad to give them to you.

Respect other people's property.  Leave gates as you find them and obey all signs.  Your safety matters.  Wear a helmet.  All children under age 18 are legally required to wear helmets!  Spark arrestors and mufflers are required by law!  We are in an extreme fire danger area.  Please be responsible!  If you have a campfire, please make sure it is completely put out before you leave the area.  Vegetation and Wildlifes are vulnerable!  Stay on the Trail at all times!  Avoid riding on wetlands, young trees, shrubs and grasses.

We hope you have a wonderful stay and enjoy our Paiute Trail System.

Jim & Terri Peterson

South Forty RV Park